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We Make Wireless Networks Easy!
Setting up your new wireless router can be difficult. Let one of our professional technicians install and setup your network for the home or office.

Each professional installation includes our 5 Point Quality Setup.
  1. Router Location Optimization
    • We will find the best place in your home or office to set up the new router.
    • This will ensure that everyone has a quality connection to the network.
    • Many factors are involved in router placement, including:
      • Physical Structure and Layout of Building
      • Presence of Potential Interference (wireless phones, microwaves, etc.)
      • Material used to construct the walls of your building
  2. Security and Encryption
    • We will secure your network so that no one will be able to use it unless you provide them with the encryption key or password.
  3. Remote Device Connections
    • We will set up your wireless devices to work with the new router
  4. Custom Configuration
    • We will make sure that your network is optimized for unique wireless devices as well as laptops and other computers.
    • Xbox
    • Playstation
    • Other Gaming Consoles
    • Security Surveillance Systems
    • Wireless Printers
    • And anything else you may need connected to the network!
  5. Our Guarantee
    • We Guarantee all our work, and we guarantee that your network will work exactly as it's intended to work.
    • All your wireless devices will function properly on the network