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We Clean up Your Computer On-site
When your computer gets infected with a virus, spyware, trojan, or other malware, it is important that those infections are cleaned as soon as possible.

Not doing so can lead to greater infection and greatly increase the risk of identity theft and credit card fraud.

Our professional technicians are trained to completely remove all infections. As part of any computer cleanup, we also perform a number of other tasks that will dramatically improve your computer's performance, making it run faster and making it easier to use.

Each Computer Cleaning includes our 5 Step PC Tuneup.
  1. Full Virus and Spyware Cleaning
    • We will find and eliminate every trace of virus, spyware, and other malware on your computer.
    • We will NEVER erase your personal data such as photos, documents, and music.
  2. Registry Cleaning
    • After cleaning your computer of all viruses and spyware, we will clean up your computer's registry.
    • This will greatly increase the efficiency and performance of your computer, making it more enjoyable to use your computer
  3. Startup Optimization
    • Our trained technicians will optimize the startup procedure of your computer to speed up your computer's start time.
    • Our goal is to make the startup process as fast and painless as possible.
  4. General PC Health Checkup
    • In addition to virus, spyware, and registry cleaning, we will give your computer a thorough examination for other potential problems.
    • Here are a few of the items we check on every computer we service:
      • Hard Drive Fragmentation
      • Memory or RAM Capacity
      • Virtual Memory Usage
      • Audio and Video Settings
      • Internet Explorer Security Settings
      • Firewall and Automatic Update Settings
      • Check for missing critical updates (operating system and other programs)
    • For any potential problem we find, we will make recommendations and offer to assist you further.
    • There is no obligation to act on our recommendations. We are happy to help you know your computer better!
  5. Prevention and Protection
    • Not only do we fully clean your computer of all infections, we will make sure you are protected from future threats.
    • While we cannot guarantee that you'll never be infected again, we will give you the tools to prevent infection and protect your computer.
    • For residential customers, we have a number of free anti-virus solutions for you to choose from.
    • After installing your new anti-virus protection software, we will set it up to work efficiently and instruct you on how to use it yourself should you wish to make adjustments.
Our Guarantee
  • We Guarantee all our work, and we guarantee that your computer will be clean from all malware infections after our PC Tuneup.
  • Your computer will be faster, your computer will be easier to use, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your computer is no longer infected.